Bangalore Photo Walk – Russel Market

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2010 by kulliprashant

It has always been such a great experience to go for a photo shoot with BPW members. Exploring markets and busy places in Bangalore and following the action through a camera is always a fun. Russel Market in Shivajinagar is one such place where you get to see non stop action throughout the day. By action I mean, the crowd with lot of buyers and sellers, the narrow shopping streets, lot of rickshaw-walas etc. Most of the time it is chaos. But that’s the place where your camera get’s a lot of exercise.

6 of us from BPW met today and had a photoshoot which went on from 6.30 AM in the morning to around 9 AM. 
It was again a great learning as the street photography is one thing which I feel so uncomfortable with. However it will improve day by day as these photo walks go on. Here are few of the pictures.

Early morning Bargaining at Russel Market 
They always look beautiful in color than the monochromes

Window shopping?
A baba waiting for the customers
Bored? Depressed? Waiting?
Clock keeps ticking as the early morning action goes on in the market
A Chailwala waits patiently for the market to become busy so that he can get more customers
Sellers, buyers and autowalas outside the Russel Market
Fate? A man sleeping on the floor of a Russel market ; A dog too finds the place warm and dozes off
Another view
Setu walking in to pose for my camera
Lot of talking and finger pointing early in the morning

A vegetable shop at Russel Market

He doesn’t get to read the news paper after sometime 🙂
Red tomatoes look even more saturated under the lamps

Deceptive.. Doesn’t really make sense; it is a mirror in the center and the reflection of the roof

A cat posing for a fellow BPW mate Setu’s camera

This idea is copyrighted with Setu. Honestly I just tried to copy his few of the lovely shots of panning from top view. Thanks Setu!

9 Responses to “Bangalore Photo Walk – Russel Market”

  1. Thanks for my pic Prashanth! 🙂 nice to see you upload so many pics so quick. i'm yet to decide on which pics to process and which to relegate.haha, well dont call that my idea. i havent invented panning anyway to copyright it 😉 but you're quite welcome if i shared the idea with you and you got a beautifully composed image.Pic no 5,13 and 15 are my faves. awesome shots!Cheers!

  2. The last pic looks very interesting . Please do share the technique , if permitted by Setu !

  3. something different and interesting 🙂 why dont you post them in bangalore chitrakala parishad website… it is a school known for photography, paintings, art work, etc… you may be knowing it.. felt like updating it with you.. there are exhibitions held.. you can have your photographs exhibited there… as well

  4. Awesome shots 🙂 I liked – Window shopping, Deceptive and panning shots a lot 🙂

  5. ….superb captures… the way mood of the ppl has been captured 🙂

  6. Thanks all.. :)@Abhinav, the last shot is panning shot. We stood on the first floor and took a slow shutter shot by panning the camera in the direction of subject's movement. So that gave the motion blur and the sharpness on the subject along with which we panned the camera. Another example of panning shot could be found here –

  7. @Prashant: Thanks. What caught my eye was the pivoted(circular)panning rather than the usual linear panning that we are used to seeing. TFS.

  8. @Abhinav.. yup I moved the camera along with the subject; and realized that in the meantime he had walked in circular path and I had panned the camera accordingly.. 🙂

  9. Nice shots Prashant. The monochrome effects works really well.—

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