Goa – Sep 18/19 2010, A memorable visit

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Yes, my recent trip to Goa has left some wonderful moments in me which will remain etched in memories forever. Read on..

Saturday 18th Sep
As I woke up early in the morning, I gazed out of the window to see the rain drops dripping down the window pane and all I could see outside was a shade of lush green along the road and the dark clouds in the sky. I realized that the bus has already entered rainy Goa. Eye lids still felt heavy. As soon as the bus entered Panaji bus stand and as all the people were getting down, I still required a louder tone “Last stop!!!!” to wake me up from my sleep and get down with my luggage. Finally with a hope that I get to doze off once again while traveling to Mapusa from Panaji, I collected my luggage and changed my bus to go to Mapusa.

However, the break between changing the buses kept me awake. I got down at Mapusa and waited for my friend at the bus stop. The place has never changed ever since I visited it 6-7 years ago. Same old bus stand and the same old buildings around with not much of difference. If you visit Bangalore with the same years of gap, probably you wouldn’t recognize your own place. The bus stop covered with lot of rain water; constant drizzling; school kids with rain coats and umbrellas; early morning vegetable buyers; and the people rushing to Panaji standing in a queue to buy tickets; on one side the smell of fresh cookies and cakes from distant bakeries; walk a few steps on the other side, a smell of raw fishes; That is a typical morning scene in Goa during rains. As I turned left while I was strolling I could see a person coming towards me with an umbrella in one hand, and a hand bag in another and a wide smile on his face; who else can it be? Lawrence!

He has alway carried that smile but that day it was a bit too special as it was a very special day. A day for which he longed for almost two years; a day he wished and prayed for; a moment which would make him take the first step towards spending a lifetime with the one made for him, Beverly!. Yes, it was the day when my best friend was getting engaged. I had never seen Lawrence so much occupied and at the same time being so much happy; he was occupied with taking that day forward till the evening; “what to buy”, “what to take home”; “did I miss something?”; call up mom and dad ask them if he needs to get anything else. And there were few last minute items like hair cut too! Undoubtedly for most of his last minute preparations it is my company which is the culprit. We did some shopping for flowers, cakes and buns in the narrow shopping streets of Mapusa around the bus stand; I guess the rain was never going to stop for that day as I saw the water dripping down from the roof sheets.

It was almost mid noon by the time we reached home after driving through beautiful route from Maupsa to Nadora village where Lawrence’s house is situated. This was the second time I was heading to his house and that place still looked so familiar as if I had visited it plenty of times. I love the route from Pune-Mumbai express way to Nadora; the prominent color you see is Green. The tar road looks more like a thick pencil  line etched into a painting with lush green fields and lakes; Line of coconut trees along the river form a perfect frame for a photographic mind; plenty of Egrets behind the grazing animals is fun to watch; mosques, a few temples and a beautiful church along the way make the place religiously versatile. 

As the day progressed Lawrence kept preparing himself for one of the most important events of his life. At least the first part of it. Later part is marriage of course ;-). I too got ready meanwhile. As usual, Lawrence was imposing his timings (when to leave from his house or what time to reach her house) on the family members as we all sat and had lunch. “We will leave at 4.15 from here”, Larry said. His brother and dad pulled his leg saying “Why should we leave so early; why are you in such a hurry??!!”. As usual Lawrence blushed and remained silent. It was a great moment for everyone of them at home and all of them were busy getting ready. To see the excitement of the parents to choose their dressing is such a fun; which one to wear, which color etc.. Here too Lawrence insisted his parents to wear his choice of dresses. Looks like he wanted everything to be matching and perfect.

It was around 4.30 when we started from Nadora towards Mapusa, where Beverly’s house is located. It was still raining. People back there at Beverly’s place waited for Lawrence and family’s arrival. Meanwhile, Lawrence had one more thing to do (which was planned last moment); a bouquet for the love of his life. The flower seller turned out to be a villain of the day for Lawrence as she made him wait for a longer time; eventually making him delay by approximately 20 minutes for his own engagement! Can you believe it?? 
The man of time; the one who has always beaten the clock; the time machine; Lawrence was late by 20 mins!! 

All received a very warm welcome at Beverly’s house by her parents and sister. Lot of relatives were around. The house was full of joy and smiles all around. The priest had arrived and was waiting to grace the occasion. As soon as Lawrence entered their house there was no more waiting and the ceremony started. The prayers were said; priest blessed Lawrence and Beverly; Lawrence-Beverly exchanged rings; after getting confirmation again as to which hand, right or left ;-). All the relatives congratulated each other and  Lawrence and Beverly. Lawrence and Beverly had to cooperate with the photographer Bosco to give him a chance to prepare a great engagement album. I also helped Bosco a bit as a “light boy” holding one flash unit for him. I too clicked few pictures which I am posting in this post. 

Everybody said cheers with a glass of champaign including me. This poor vegetarian had to trouble the hosts since they had to order few special veggie stuff especially for me. It was a very warm gesture by the family which I will always remember. The evening progressed into chit-chats of how Lawrence used to be in his school or college days. His stories of walking faster, beating the clock and being very obedient etc. His sis-in-law was giving details as she was his classmate. I was totally ROFL when I heard that few classmates sometimes used to walk to college (from bus stop) with Lawrence just to reach early! 

Lawrence’s parents on the left and Beverly’s parents on right of the frame
Finally before everyone would enter into a new day, it was time to head back to Nadora. The Braganca family said adios for that day to the Mesquita family and me. It was close to midnight when we reached back home. 

Lawrence’s smile never stopped even till the end of day, when he opened up the gift given by Beverly and a watch presented by his in-laws.  I am sure he just had a wonderful day of his life till date

Sunday 19th Sep:
I didn’t want to become a “kabab-mein-haddi” on the next day while Lawrence and Beverly were meeting. I still had to be one but only for a small amount of time, till we reached Miramar beach. I took my way to the empty beach leaving the couple in a park. Since it was not a tourist season yet, there were no tourists on the beach. In fact there were only fisher men extracting the fishes from the net. I spent some time taking a long walk along the beach, enjoying the solitude, collecting various types of sea shells along the way. I found an isolated boat and had some self portraits clicked. I always have difficultly spending time alone but that day the time just flew. 

Lawrence-Beverly.. Made for each other πŸ™‚
Miramar beach and solitude
After a peaceful lunch at a beach side restaurant, we headed back to Larry’s place; to pack up and get ready to travel back to Bengaluru. The time seemed to be running faster. Uncle and Aunty along with Beverly accompanied us till the bus stand. It was really a pleasant time that I had in Goa during this trip; felt like extending it for few more days. Nevertheless, with a hope to visit Goa again as soon as possible, cheered myself up. I am sure there are going to be a lot more visits to Goa. Obviously because I feel a part of their family! 

I wish Lawrence and Beverly a wonderful life and thanks to both of them for making me a part of this memorable event.


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  1. >Lovely post Prashant!Let me know if you feel like being in Goa, I too tend to head home whenever I feel like it. Am there from Feb 22-Mar 1st. πŸ˜‰

  2. >@Manish, thanks!I really love to go to Goa again and again.. πŸ™‚ It will be fun to travel with you. surely will let you know. πŸ™‚

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