Photo of the day – “The Burden of the Past?”

In "Burden of the Past", Agony, Old age, portrait photography, Street photography on January 12, 2011 by kulliprashant

The Burden of the Past?

Wrinkles on the face; faded enthusiasm; the ropes tied to his shoulders which carried a huge weight; shoulders seemed to have given up yet the legs seemed to be pushing forward; the time is slipping as he approaches the end of life; neither a smile on the face nor agony is shown; feels like that man was just indifferent to what he was up to. It appears, more than the weight on the shoulders he carried the burden of the past. 


4 Responses to “Photo of the day – “The Burden of the Past?””

  1. Nice capture and description.. I guess I spoilt 1 of the pic by standing behind this person 😛

  2. @kp, yeah..nevertheless I have this one without any distractions 😛

  3. What do I say man..I have no words!! Kudos to you(as always!)

  4. @Suji, thanks dear!

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