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>Photo of the day – "Come to Me.."

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Come to me, and I will give you rest!

Some people say they get peace of mind; some say, they get their wishes fulfilled; some say, they get their problems solved;  few say they can come out of their “insecure feeling” zone; everyone has their own reasons to go to the doors of almighty and pray. It looks terribly strange to the atheists, for sitting and praying and believing in something that doesn’t exist.

Do you believe in God? Have you faced a situation where, you felt there was no way out and the only way was to pray? Do miracles happen all by themselves or they are the results of intense prayers? There will be a question bank around this matter but answers can only be mere speculations. End of the day, I believe, it is up to the individuals, and it should be respected by each other.


>Photo of the day – "The Waiting"

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A girl standing at the edge of a water fall seemed like waiting for someone
The hell broke loose; the surrounding turned turbulent; standing on the edge of the death; the wait seemed never ending, for her.
Waiting is always an exciting thing when it comes to waiting for a special occasion; or waiting for your dream job or dream home or some materialistic attraction. Waiting can keep one on the other extreme too. When one waits for something (or someone) that never seems to come back, the waiting puts a lot of anxiety in the person. Knowing the fact that a thing will never get back to you, have you ever waited? How long can a person wait for such a thing? Is there a threshold? Doesn’t life take you along and eventually break the connection between you and the wait and set you free?
If you see, we always wait more desperately or eagerly for something which we lost during the course of life than for something which we never owned(but have a wish to own)! If we weigh the importance of something which we desired to have, it is weighed more only before receiving it and/or after losing it.


>Photo of the day – "I am not a philosopher"

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Today for a change I am posting one of the photographs that my friend Lawrence shot. All the credit for this wonderful photograph should go to him. I personally liked the pic a lot 🙂

While I am posting photographs and writing few thoughts around them, few people have started thinking that I have become a philosopher. Nope. I am not a philosopher and I don’t deserve to be one. I have just lived a small part of my life so far, so I can think and write only from the perspective of the stage of life I am in right now. I am yet to see more of life, yet to gain a lot experience, yet to learn a lot from others. 
Looking forward for more of life  (Photo Courtesy: Lawrence Mesquita)
I am trying to relate few thoughts with the photographs. The photographs are really not taken with any thoughts associated with them. The thoughts are attached to the photographs after they were clicked. When I looked into my archives, I found the photos are dead without any story associated with them. So I started  putting together the photos and the thoughts. I am also glad to hear that a lot of people have liked the way this blog is going. Thanks people! Your encouragement will keep me clicking more and let the thoughts around them flow.

btw, my friend has given me an image which makes my Travel Blog look perfect now where the title, caption, image and the content, all of them fit together the best. Thanks Lawrence!


Photo of the day – A Couple on a travel

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A couple in Udaipur, City Palace, Rajasthan seemed to be looking through some map
Going places and exploring the world is a pure joy. What is life without the travel? I can’t imagine. If you have a companion who shares the same interest then the journey would be even more interesting. Some travelers I met and spoke to during my travel all these days, were very inspiring. I spoke to an elderly woman, who had a wish to step in most of the countries on the earth. She made her dream come true by exploring the South African wildlife; SA being the last country in her list. She said she has carried loads of moments from her traveling experience.

I too have a wish to travel as much as possible. Traveling keeps my life going. I hope it continues this way till the end.