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Photo of the day – A Couple on a travel

In A couple,City Palace,Photography,Rajasthan,Travel,Udaipur on January 25, 2011 by kulliprashant

A couple in Udaipur, City Palace, Rajasthan seemed to be looking through some map
Going places and exploring the world is a pure joy. What is life without the travel? I can’t imagine. If you have a companion who shares the same interest then the journey would be even more interesting. Some travelers I met and spoke to during my travel all these days, were very inspiring. I spoke to an elderly woman, who had a wish to step in most of the countries on the earth. She made her dream come true by exploring the South African wildlife; SA being the last country in her list. She said she has carried loads of moments from her traveling experience.

I too have a wish to travel as much as possible. Traveling keeps my life going. I hope it continues this way till the end.



Photo of the day – "A rich smile"

In balloon seller,Children,Footpath,Poverty,Rajasthan,Rich,Street photography on January 11, 2011 by kulliprashant

What makes you richer?

Hanging on to the divider of a road, tired of running around for the whole day, yet passing that contagious smile to the people who give her a stare, there stood a little girl watching her dad sell as many balloons as possible for that day. Little does she know about wealth, little does she know about the life, yet that smile had so much of inspiration for the grown ups. I just feel when she smiles and looks at people it appears as if she is asking them a question “what makes you feel richer?”