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>Photo of the day – "The Waiting"

In Desperate,Importance of something,Photography,The waiting on January 27, 2011 by kulliprashant


A girl standing at the edge of a water fall seemed like waiting for someone
The hell broke loose; the surrounding turned turbulent; standing on the edge of the death; the wait seemed never ending, for her.
Waiting is always an exciting thing when it comes to waiting for a special occasion; or waiting for your dream job or dream home or some materialistic attraction. Waiting can keep one on the other extreme too. When one waits for something (or someone) that never seems to come back, the waiting puts a lot of anxiety in the person. Knowing the fact that a thing will never get back to you, have you ever waited? How long can a person wait for such a thing? Is there a threshold? Doesn’t life take you along and eventually break the connection between you and the wait and set you free?
If you see, we always wait more desperately or eagerly for something which we lost during the course of life than for something which we never owned(but have a wish to own)! If we weigh the importance of something which we desired to have, it is weighed more only before receiving it and/or after losing it.