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>Photo of the day – A Pure Bliss

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Grey wagtail at the shores of a beautiful lake

Spending idle time sitting along the lake, listening to the recurring sweet music of the small tides in the lake hitting the shores, the trees making sounds because of the breezy winds as the birds also chirp.. a pure bliss.. we keep longing to experience such an atmosphere. The more we experience, the more we are attracted towards it again and again. Man might have invented millions of interesting things but nothing can beat God’s creation of beautiful nature.

Read my today’s travelogue on a place called Thattekere near Bangalore here: Thattekere Lake – RagihaLLi – Bannerghatta


>Photo of the day – Simplicity

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No noble thoughts attached with the photo of the day! If you have anything please comment.


>Photo of the day – Latest Addiction

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Grey Heron sits on a small rock in the Manchinbele reservoir, near Bengaluru
Bird watching and bird photography has been my latest addiction. I have never got up early in the morning to attend the classes during my college days, but there is a very little struggle nowadays getting up early that too on weekends for the most exciting thing of bird watching. I didn’t know that there are more than 300 species of birds sighted in and around Bengaluru. I’ve been exploring a lot of places for birding. It has been going good. 
Watch out for all the birding places in and around Bengaluru. 


Just when I thought…

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Just when I thought I would be more expressive this year and start blogging regularly, a mail from a friend of mine, threatened me with the following content in it. It is a snip from the Horoscope for 2011 that is forwarded to me. 

Beware, as Ganesha warns you against expressing yourself freely on social media. Take good care of yourself towards the end of the year. Saturn in your 8th House may mean some problems. Take care! All in all, a wonderful and adventurous year ahead of you you, yet do remember that too much risk is injurious to health.

This horoscope is a crazy stuff when you receive it in your inbox. You don’t want to read it also, and without reading you can’t delete it also.  All in all, it seems to be an adventurous year ahead for me. I have never stepped back facing adventures in life so far. What’s the fun if it is not adventurous. Living a smooth life is more like doing a wild water rafting in still water! So I am up and prepared for it. One good thing I hear is that the year would be very exciting as far as travel is concerned. I hope I reach out to many places in the coming year too, and come up with wonderful set of photographs. More importantly with a wonderful moments to be cherished for lifetime.

Hope it all goes well with everyone around!


Road to Destiny: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – Collection

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Road to Destiny: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – Collection: “If anyone asks me how many times have I visited Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, I really won’t be able to answer because it is innumerable. My…”


First upload on wordpress

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Fly high

Fly high, fly fearlessly